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CLUCK the Chicken Store will close May 5

After almost seven years and more than 150 tons of chicken feed, we have decided to close up the coop and retire from CLUCK. We will miss seeing all of our wonderful chicken friends, but our grandchildren are calling and we only get one chance to spend more time with them while they’re little.

All of our great books, toys, housewares and gift items are on sale – 25% off. If you’ve had your eye on something special in the front of the store, now might be a good time to snap it up before someone else does. We won’t be ordering any more.

If you get chicken feed at CLUCK, thank you. You have made this business possible. We will continue to sell feed as long as supplies last – including our CLUCK-exclusive soy-free organic layer pellets and GMO-free scratch grain. Same goes for chick heater plates, Sweeter Heaters, automatic coop doors, electric poultry netting and all the other necessaries.

If you have a gift certificate, please redeem it for merchandise before we close the store and our books.

We are still hoping to find someone who would like to continue to sell our CLUCK feeds after we close, because we know a lot of people really like those products. Check our website and/or Facebook page over the next few weeks for information about that.