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CLUCK the Chicken Store is Closed

After almost seven years and more than 150 tons of chicken feed, we closed up the coop and retired from CLUCK on May 5. We will miss seeing all of our wonderful chicken friends, but our grandchildren are calling and we only get one chance to spend more time with them while they’re little.

If you got chicken feed at CLUCK, thank you. You have made this business possible. CLUCK brand soy-free organic layer pellets and CLUCK brand GMO -free scratch grain will be available in the future through WS Ag-Center, based in Columbus, WI. They will also distribute through other stores in the area by special arrangement. Please contact Heather Kuenzi at phone 920-623-9360.

If you are looking for a CLUCK design walk-in coop, contact Rod Rindy. 608-527-5268. For a basic coop as pictured on our website, contact Penny Lund.

For started pullets call Virginia Sanborn, 608-845-7719.

We will continue to check our email, from time to time and will maintain our Facebook page so you can reach us if you have questions.

Thanks for being part of our great chicken adventure since 2012.