Fox outfoxes Prince Charles

HRH.jpgWe knew the British Royal Family’s finances were strained, what with Prince William and Duchess Kate traipsing around the globe with young Prince George in tow. But we never dreamed that Prince Charles, scion of the House of Windsor and heir to the throne, would have to earn pocket money selling eggs.

So we were shocked to read in the Gloucester Citizen that Charles has had to shut down his organic egg store after a local fox (probably an anti-royalist) killed 24 of his hens. Now, that seems strange to us, since we’ve never heard of a single fox taking more than one or two hens at a time, but maybe British foxes have larger families. (OK, we couldn't resist linking to this YouTube of a cute! fox family on the UW-Madison campus.)

However it happened, we offer our sincere condolences to both His Royal Highness and the poor 24 hens.

Apparently the fox attack was simply the last straw for Prince Charles’s organic roadside stand, the Veg Shed, which sold organic produce, including freshly picked fruit and vegetables, as well as meat from his ecologically raised cattle. The store became famous for “wonky carrots”—the type often rejected by supermarkets on aesthetic grounds.

Unfortunately, the Veg Shed was forced to close after the prince admitted it simply wasn’t financially viable.

The good news is, you can still buy some of the Prince’s “sustainably produced” food products through his Duchy Originals brand, now owned by Waitrose grocery. HRH sold the business to Waitrose after it reported a loss of more than £3.3 million for the 2009 financial year.