Keeping your chickens warm

Chickens may have their little down jackets to keep them warm, but our personal experience is that even down jackets are little defense against the dread polar vortex. Fortunately, some local chicken keepers have found ways to keep their birds happy and reasonably warm during this unreasonably cold spell, as this story in The Capital Times points out. (You can read more of the story on our In the News page or follow the link to for the full article.)

But please don't burn down the coop! Every winter we see stories about people who have fricasseed their flock by the inappropriate use of a space heater or an unattended heat lamp. Most chicken keepers have put a lot of emotional energy into their chickens, not to mention a lot of sweat and money into their coops. It's not a good idea to put all of that at risk by a last-minute emergency attempt to add heat. Fortunately, there are safe and appropriate ways to keep your chickens warm. We are happy to talk to you about your own specific situation.