Marshfield discovers “America’s cool new pet”

Robert Mentzer, the regional opinion editor for Gannett Central Wisconsin Media, penned the opinion piece below after the City of Marshfield voted to allow backyard chickens.

First off, congratulations to Marshfield for discovering what millions already know, but Wausau still doesn’t – chickens are here to stay.

But they’re not just pets. They are also our backyard connection to the food we eat and a way to remind ourselves and our families that food doesn’t just come from the supermarket in a plastic package. Food comes from critters with lives and sensibilities, even if they aren’t exactly like our sensibilities.

Here’s what Mentzer wrote:

On Tuesday, Wisconsin Rapids became the latest city to get in on the fun, as City Council approved a chicken ordinance there. The University of Wisconsin-Extension is all set to offer chicken-raising classes. It's happening! And it’s a trend.

You can read the rest of his impassioned column here.

One by one, America’s cities are going to the chickens!