Pet chicken saves family from house fire

A pet chicken saved couple from this burning house.

Most of us are not surprised to hear on the evening news when man’s best friend saves a family by warning them that the house is on fire. In fact, we have some friends who can thank their dog for alerting them to a potentially fatal fire just a couple of years ago.

But this is the first time we have heard of a chicken coming to the rescue. Here is how it was reported by TV station WEAU in Eau Claire, Wis.

ALMA CENTER, Wis. (WEAU) – Firefighters say a pet chicken gave a sleeping couple warning so they could escape from their burning log home Thursday morning.

Here is the AP story with a little more detail.

We don’t know what is more gratifying: that the couple had a pet chicken (in the house?) or that the chicken was the hero of the story. We suppose as more people get chickens and start treating them more like pets, we will get used to this sort of thing and think it no more unusual than if it were the family Labrador that saved the day.

Anyway, it’s another indication that chickens have powers we never realized before.

We have to admit that when we first saw this headline, we thought the chicken might be to blame for the catastrophe. We have seen a lot of stories lately about houses burning down because a chicken coop heater caught fire and it spread to the house. It’s another reason we generally advise people not to heat their coops. Or if you must, be sure you check around the heating element frequently and remove any hay, feathers or debris that could ignite.

Of course, it would be a horror to have your flock fricasseed alive, but it would also be a drag to lose your house and possessions in the middle of winter, even if everyone got out safely. And who knows, one of those chickens could someday turn out to be not just a pet, but a genuine hero!