Pewaukee just says no

Pewaukee has joined Brookfield in saying NO to chickens. The village board on Dec. 15 turned down a proposed ordinance for all the usual reasons, according to the Lake Country Reporter: noise, odor and attracting coyotes.

Of course, one trustee conceded that coyotes and foxes already frequent Pewaukee.
Trustee Cathy Baumann, who voted anti-chicken, said without even a hint of irony: "I bet that coyote that walks through my yard every once in a while would really like to find a chicken. As well as the two foxes that sit and watch me drink my coffee in the morning some days."

Maybe it’s better that Pewaukee just said no. The proposed ordinance included a total of 22 conditions, including specifying how the hen house should be constructed, how far away from the lot line it should be, and banning the keeping of roosters and crowing hens. These people don’t have enough to worry about in Pewaukee.

Meanwhile the Racine Journal-Times has editorialized in favor of chickens in reaction to their rejection by the Village of Caledonia. Here's their conclusion:

Although Racine and Milwaukee have similarly accommodating ordinances, the Village of Mount Pleasant has lot size restrictions for the keeping of the birds, as does the Village of Sturtevant. In Racine, the most hens a homeowner can keep is four. But that’s Racine, which has far more urban neighborhoods than Caledonia.

We recognize that Caledonia is not all farmland, nor is it all large suburban lots. We also recognize that the village has within it several houses and lots which represent a sizable investment on the parts of the respective landowners.

But we also feel that if urban Racine and suburban-rural Mount Pleasant and Sturtevant can find a way to strike a balance between the interests of those who wish to keep backyard chickens and those who live next door to the chicken keepers, so too can Caledonia allow its homeowners a bit more latitude in keeping hens.

Amen to that!