Simple chicken tractor (click for more photos)

Simple chicken tractor

Want to move your chickens around so they don't tear up all the grass in one place? A chicken tractor may be the best answer, at least until the snow flies. Tractors are most often associated with broiler chickens, but this one is designed with a nest box so it can be used for layers.

This little tractor is 4 feet x 8 feet, so it will accommodate 4-6 birds. It is only two feet high and has a large door that props open on the top so you can easily get inside to catch or feed & water your birds. Cut-out doors in the front and rear plywood panels make it easier for you to get inside or to let your birds out. It has a single nest box with its own privacy curtain and a roost.

It is easy for one person to move around via a pair of handles on the front and 6-inch solid wheels in the back. The wood is unpainted, so you get to paint/stain it any color you like. Not in stock. By special order only.