Stevie discovers the pond

Stevie 3.jpg >It's not easy being a blind duck.

We acquired Stevie Wonduck a few weeks ago because she wasn't thriving with the rest of her flock. She's a Blue Fawn Call Duck, a rare color usually destined for poultry shows. But, alas, a blind duck isn't a good candidate for the show ring. Stevie loves to hear voices and often spends her day at CLUCK the Chicken Store out in the coop garden in a dog crate with a little horse feed bucket full of water to splash around in.

Stevie 2.jpg
At night we take her home in a cat carrier (Call Ducks are quite small) and let her hang out on the back porch with us in the evening. Lately we have introduced her to our little dooryard pond. Even though it's quite small, it was kind of scary to Stevie because she had no idea how big it was and kept bumping her bill into rocks as she paddled backward and forward. Fortunately, she has now found a few shallow coves where she can dabble for weeds and splash around while feeling the security of edges around her.

Stevie 1.jpg
As she grows more accustomed to her environment, we're sure she will do more free-swimming. She does love to dart across the open water and rise up to flap her wings. We hope she doesn't try to fly, though. The thought of a blind pilot is pretty scary.