Meet the Owner: Susan Troller
I founded Cluck in 2012 as a way of bringing together my lifelong love of animals with my passion for whole, fresh and local food. You can’t get much more local than a backyard chicken.

I was inspired to start a store while doing book readings from CLUCK, From Jungle Fowl to City Chicks, a book of stories and essays I did with the artist Sue Medaris.

I kept meeting other chicken-keepers who shared my frustration with equipment and especially feed that was designed for automated feeding of huge flocks, not backyard pets. So I got a local miller to create a blend that doesn’t blow away in the breeze or get scratched into the ground.

I got countless questions about the best kind of coop, so I invited some of the best local coop-makers to show their creations at Cluck.

I found a passion for chicken-keeping that connects people, communities, cooks and animal lovers. That’s why I regularly invite veterinarians, nutritionists, coop builders and other experts to give talks and demonstrations at the store so we can share our stories and knowledge.

Cluck doesn’t sell chicks or chickens, but we will refer you to a friend who sells hand-raised pullets of many beautiful and hardy varieties. If you want a pet who will come when you call, there’s no substitute for hand-raising. Sorry, no fresh eggs.

In short, Cluck has something for any serious or casual chicken fancier.

Cluck is located in the incredibly friendly little artist community of Paoli.

We are retiring soon so we can spend more time doing other stuff we love, but we'd be happy to see you before we go. Stop in and talk chicken sometime. Our last day is May 5, 2019.