Cluck Coops

Simple chicken tractor

Want to move your chickens around so they don't tear up all the grass in one place? A chicken tractor may be the best answer, at least until the snow flies. Tractors are most often associated with broiler chickens, but this one is designed with a nest box so it can be used for layers.

This little tractor is 4 feet x 8 feet, so it will accommodate 4-6 birds. It is only two feet high and has a large door that props open on the top so you can easily get inside to catch or feed & water your birds. Cut-out doors in the front and rear plywood panels make it easier for you to get inside or to let your birds out. It has a single nest box with its own privacy curtain and a roost.

It is easy for one person to move around via a pair of handles on the front and 6-inch solid wheels in the back. The wood is unpainted, so you get to paint/stain it any color you like. Not in stock. By special order only.

Our least expensive full-function coop comes two ways:
1. The sturdy, traditional style roost house will accommodate up to 10 chickens if you want to keep them the way they did back on the farm – safely in the house at night, but free to roam during the day.
2. Add the optional wood & wire conversion kit cage under the house to turn the coop into a classic over/under style with a run under the house to keep the chickens out of all kinds of trouble. In the over/under configuration, the coop is ideally sized for four chickens.

The CLUCK walk-in coop is the end product of five years of experience and improvement. It was designed detail by detail to be the easiest and most practical coop available for 4-6 chickens. The 4' x 8'-ft run provides a recommended 8 square feet per bird for those times when the chickens have to be "cooped up". The run has hardware cloth for predator protection - no chicken wire - and all wire is secured in a sandwich style construction with no exposed ends. It also include 4 feet of built-in roost in the run, large access doors to make feeding and watering easy and a chicken door in rear that is already framed in to accept an automatic open-close access door.

The 2' x 4'-ft roost house has wide wooden roosts to accommodate up to six chickens and a removable clean-out tray that can be removed via an exterior door. The roost house has 2 nest boxes with easy-access doors so even kids can reach the eggs. There is also a utility box that keeps cords and connections weather-safe, 2 vent doors for cross ventilation and large doors and windows for easy access.

The CLUCK coop is fully movable by 2 people. The roosting house and run come apart for transport and the whole coop fits in the back of a standard size pickup truck. Four sturdy handles facilitate moving and also double as tie-down points for transport.

Custom order only.