Cluck Coops

cedar walk-in chicken coop

This coop has all the rustic charm of a cabin in the woods. The frame and roost house are all cedar. The metal roof has crimped edges, so no cut fingers, and is insulated to keep your hens cooler in the summer. There is a large walk-in door on one end and a double Dutch door on the other so you have ample access to the roosting area and a large door underneath for food and water. The roost house features a spray-on lining for easy cleaning (just hose it off). This coop doesn't have wheels, but is light enough for 2 people to move around or load on a trailer.

Simple chicken tractor

Want to move your chickens around so they don't tear up all the grass in one place? A chicken tractor may be the best answer, at least until the snow flies. Tractors are most often associated with broiler chickens, but this one is designed with a nest box so it can be used for layers.

This little tractor is 4 feet x 8 feet, so it will accommodate 4-6 birds. It is only two feet high and has a large door that props open on the top so you can easily get inside to catch or feed & water your birds. Cut-out doors in the front and rear plywood panels make it easier for you to get inside or to let your birds out. It has a single nest box with its own privacy curtain and a roost.

It is easy for one person to move around via a pair of handles on the front and 6-inch solid wheels in the back. The wood is unpainted, so you get to paint/stain it any color you like. Not in stock. By special order only.


Our least expensive full-function coop comes two ways:
1. The sturdy, traditional style roost house will accommodate up to 10 chickens if you want to keep them the way they did back on the farm – safely in the house at night, but free to roam during the day.
2. Add the optional wood & wire conversion kit cage under the house to turn the coop into a classic over/under style with a run under the house to keep the chickens out of all kinds of trouble. In the over/under configuration, the coop is ideally sized for four chickens.

The coop is armored with extra heavy duty welded wire all around for defense against predators. The house has flow-through ventilation, plug-in power and a through-the-floor access door that can be closed for security. The three nest boxes have child-level access doors.

Bigger flock? You can expand the basic coop for up to 12 chickens by adding a 6 x 8 foot extension cage. The cage fits snugly against one end of the coop and allows your chickens lots of running room. Unlike other large-flock accommodations, the basic coop + extension can be moved to a new location by you and a couple of friends.

Choose standard red or pick your own color combination. The standard roof is asphalt. Cedar is available for $115 extra. Wheels are also available for $100 more. The coop is 4 feet wide, 6 feet long and 5’6” at the peak. Currently in stock. $75 local delivery charge.

Basic coop: $700
Conversion kit: $135
6 x 8 extension: $665

The CLUCK walk-in coop is the end product of five years of trial, error and improvement. It was designed detail by detail to be the easiest and most practical coop available for 4-6 chickens. The 4' x 8'-ft run provides a recommended 8 square feet per bird for those times when the chickens have to be "cooped up". The run has hardware cloth for predator protection - no chicken wire - and all wire is secured in a sandwich style construction with no exposed ends. It also include 4 feet of built-in roost in the run, large access doors to make feeding and watering easy and a drawbridge style chicken door in rear that is already framed in to accept an automatic open-close access door.

The 2' x 4'-ft roost house has 2 wide wooden roosts to accommodate up to six chickens and plastic clean-out trays that can be removed via an exterior door. The roost house has 2 nest boxes with easy-access doors so even kids can reach the eggs. There is also a utility box that keeps cords and connections weather-safe, 2 vent doors for cross ventilation and 2 16" x 20" windows for easy access.

The CLUCK coop is fully movable by 2 people. The roosting house, cage and roof come apart for transport and the whole coop fits in the back of a standard size pickup truck. Four sturdy handles facilitate moving and also double as tie-down points for transport.

Options include:
Wheels (add $100)
Automatic door ($295)
Sweeter Heater coop warmer ($105 or $120)