Basic coop (click for more photos)

Our least expensive full-function coop comes two ways:
1. The sturdy, traditional style roost house will accommodate up to 10 chickens if you want to keep them the way they did back on the farm – safely in the house at night, but free to roam during the day.
2. Add the optional wood & wire conversion kit cage under the house to turn the coop into a classic over/under style with a run under the house to keep the chickens out of all kinds of trouble. In the over/under configuration, the coop is ideally sized for four chickens.

The coop is armored with extra heavy duty welded wire all around for defense against predators. The house has flow-through ventilation, plug-in power and a through-the-floor access door that can be closed for security. The three nest boxes have child-level access doors.

Bigger flock? You can expand the basic coop for up to 12 chickens by adding a 6 x 8 foot extension cage. The cage fits snugly against one end of the coop and allows your chickens lots of running room. Unlike other large-flock accommodations, the basic coop + extension can be moved to a new location by you and a couple of friends.

Choose standard red or pick your own color combination. The standard roof is asphalt. Cedar is available for $115 extra. Wheels are also available for $100 more. The coop is 4 feet wide, 6 feet long and 5’6” at the peak. By custom order only.