Brookfield refuses to join the urban food movement

Despite a positive result in a public opinion poll, the Brookfield common council has rejected chickens 10-3. The ordinance would have allowed up to four hens on any residential lot in the city larger than 1/3 of an acre. The limit is now 3 acres.

According to Brookfield Now, Alder Gary Mahkorn was the voice for all the traditional (discredited) objections to backyard chickens. He cited a potential salmonella outbreak, the potential of neighbors feeling intruded upon by chickens next door and the work that more chickens could create for the city's inspection services department.

Alder Lisa Mellone nailed the point on the head. "I just don't feel that Brookfield is really the community for this." She may have a point there. Brookfield just isn't ready to join the movement toward sustainable food and awareness of where food comes from.