Can you find the farm in this picture?

Fix house.jpg
Dale Fix and Cindy Cameron-Fix's house looks pretty much like any other ranch house in Madison, but secretly it's an urban farm. Dale and Cindy grow most of their own food on their quarter-acre lot. They have chickens for eggs, bees for honey, hops for beer, trees for fruit and on and on. Here's a picture of their back yard:
Fix yard overview.jpg
Clearly some heavy gardening is going on here, but nothing beyond the bounds of what you might find in the back yard of many Dane County gardening aficionados. All is neatly kept and clean. Nothing to make the neighbors concerned. Here's a view of the pergola with the chicken coop in the background. It could be a kids' playhouse:
fix yard pergola.jpg
We can't tell you everything that Dale and Cindy shared with our enthusiastic audience Saturday morning. They covered a lot of ground, so to speak. But we did like Cindy's answer to the "what should we grow?" question. "Plant what you like to eat," she advised. Want to know more? Watch for a story coming soon in the Wisconsin State Journal.
urban farming.jpg