Chick Condo on the move

Chuck Ostrander and Chick Condo #1

We were closed on Labor Day, because we're closed every Monday. But we met Chuck Ostrander at the store in the morning because he was picking up his Chick Condo #1 to deliver it to a customer in Monroe. We can't believe we actually sold two of Chuck's coops this week! But, of course, they're really good looking coops with sealed cedar on the outside for durable good looks and plywood on the inside (because chickens and cedar don't do well together). These coops will not only keep chickens safe and warm, they will also look good in any backyard in any neighborhood. Chuck used to build million-dollar homes and now he applies that same craftsmanship and creativity to chicken coops (among his other myriad projects). We feel very fortunate to have him as one of our coop builders at CLUCK the Chicken Store.

One of the creative ideas that impressed us is the clever "coop-barrow" device he built to get the coop on the trailer. It's the V-shaped wooden contraption under the coop in the picture. It has a large tire in front, like a wheel-barrow, and two handles in back. The great thing is the coop-barrow allows one person to move even a quite heavy coop around without assistance, although it took several of us to get the coop up on the flatbed trailer -- two to push and one to make sure the wheel wasn't heading off the ramp! Chickens (like most farming enterprises, actually) tend to bring out the creative work ethic in all of us.

If you have questions about chicken coops and you want to tap into Chuck's creativity, stop at CLUCK the Chicken Store on September 29. Chuck will be on hand from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to answer questions or talk about your coop ideas. Check our upcoming events listing for details.