Our 3 Lavender Orpington chicks have settled into their new home.

Is there anything more thrilling and comforting than having chicks in the brooder? They came later than we expected, but we got three Lavender Orpington chicks this week. They're about 2 weeks old and had a rather hard time leaving their mother. But they seem very calm and happy now.

We suspect one is a rooster and two are hens just from their appearance and behavior, but greater experts than we are have been fooled before so we'll wait and see. Do come and see for yourself. Their mission at CLUCK the Chicken Store is not just entertainment, but education. It's a great opportunity for all chicken lovers, especially kids, to enjoy them while they're cute.

What shall we call the brooder? The Chick TV? Space ship? Time machine? Carousel? Whatever, it gives a great 360 degree view of our little lavender peeps.