Cute coop!

cedar coop 2.pngThis time of year, the coop garden at CLUCK the Chicken Store takes on kind of an empty aspect. As people’s chicks turn into chickens, our supply of coops, which filled the coop garden to the max only a few weeks ago, has dwindled to a few orphan coops.

In fact, after delivering a CLUCK coop to Lena, Illinois, on Sunday, we were down to only one coop in the yard. (A two-year-old Red Rooster walk-in we used for our store chickens until this year that we’re selling for $850.)

Fortunately, we met a new coop builder last week who brought us a coop on Sunday unlike anything else we’ve seen. Tim Taylor’s coop is undeniably cute and practical, as well. It is made of cedar, with a sharply pitched roof that gives it the look of an English cottage for chickens. It sits on a run big enough for three full-size hens (4-5 bantams) and has space for a rooftop garden suitable for flowers or herbs. It also comes apart, so it can be easily transported by two people, an important consideration for a ready-made coop. It also features a feeder and waterer made from PVC pipe

We have more coops on the way from our local artisan builders, so we hope there will be no homeless chickens. We sell only hand-made coops that are created one at a time by local craftsmen and women, Sometimes they sell faster than the builders can make them, and this is just one of those times.

If you are one of those folks who just couldn’t decide whether to build or buy, the good news is there’s still time to have a beautiful, practical coop made to your specifications. We may not be able to show you an example of every coop model we normally have, but we’ll still be happy to talk about what you want in a coop, whether you intend to build one yourself or get it from CLUCK.