Don't miss this Wisconsin State Journal story

Rob Schultz wrote a very nice story about Paoli for the Sunday (July 6) Wisconsin State Journal. If you missed it in the newspaper, you can click over to our In the News page for a taste of the story plus a link the whole thing. Or you can read more right here:

Paoli is a funny little place. We love it. It's only two blocks long with no sidewalks or anything, but it really has the feel of a lively, artistic community and Rob captured that very well in his story. There are excellent restaurants plus really good pub food at the Paoli Pub, three or four art galleries and some of the quirkiest little shops anywhere. Yes, including CLUCK, the Chicken Store.

We are looking forward to welcoming lots of visitors to Paoli for music night on July 19. You can swing along to Caravan Gypsy Swing at CLUCK from 6:30 to 8:30 or enjoy five other bands that will be performing up and down the street. Look for the Paoli ad in the Wisconsin State Journal for more information about the festivities.

caravan 3.png
Caravan Gypsy Swing