Don't worry, get hoppy

Sarah cuts hops v1.jpg
Want to learn how to grow hops? Our friends at The Hop Garden are offering workshop in the next few weeks for both backyard growers and commercial hops growers. You will learn how and where to plant hops, how to fertilize and water, what kinds of structures work best for training the vines, plus harvesting and drying.

The backyard grower workshop is only $15 and includes a beer tasting! Great way to spend a winter Saturday morning. The workshops for backyard growers are February 7 and 28 at The Hop Garden, located just down the road a bit from CLUCK at N8668 highway D near Belleville. Highway D is the extension of Fish Hatchery Road for those who don’t usually drive this way. The seminars for commercial growers are $60. Get information about both at

We don’t brew beer, but we have always thought it would be cool to grow hops, so when Rich Joseph from The Hop Garden asked if we wanted to sell hops plants, we jumped at the chance. Maybe we were just lucky or our location is just right, but our plants took off like a rocket and have provided a lush, thick canopy to shade our little flock of store chickens for the past two years. We sell second-year plants starting about as soon as the ground is ready for planting. We planted ours on Memorial Day a couple of years ago and by the 4th of July, the vines were 15 feet long.

Thanks to Rich for getting us started on the hops thing.