Great American Chicken Games 2017 Rules & Schedule

The second annual Great American Chicken Games©
Saturday, August 26, 2017
at CLUCK the Chicken Store

8:30 Registration opens
9:30 Hen Race
10:30 Agility Competition
11:30 Winners announced

Registration is free, but participation is limited, so we advise advance registration to guarantee your place. Email or call 608-848-1200. Every entrant will get a Great American Chicken Games T-shirt, a discount coupon for Nutrena feed and a $10 CLUCK gift certificate. We will have a tent, so the chicken games will happen rain or shine. Registration will include a basic health check. Sorry, no roosters; the Chicken Games are for hens only.

The Hen Race is a 24-foot sprint. Each heat will feature 4 hens. Each hen will race in a separate lane. You will need a holder at the starting gate and a second person to call your chicken at the finish line. The caller may use voice calls, clicker, bell or other noise-makers. The caller may offer lures or treats from a hand, a covered cup or closed container to induce your hen to run, but may not put treats on the ground (disqualification). At the start of the race, the caller may start at the half-way point of the lane, but must stay in front of the racer and may not touch, herd or physically encourage the racer (disqualification). The first hen to cross the finish line in each heat will be awarded one point and will advance to the final race. She will also receive a bag of Nutrena feed.

The Hen Race final will be run under the same rules as the heats. The winner will be awarded three points, a $25 CLUCK gift certificate and a year’s supply of Nutrena feed for one chicken (3 bags). The second place finisher will receive two points and the third place will get one point. To count as a finish, your hen must put her foot on or over the finish line. Beaks don’t count. Total entries will be limited to 16.

The timed Agility Competition consists of 3 obstacles. Hens must go up and down an 8-foot ramp, pass through five weave poles and jump through a 26-inch hoop. The timing starts when the hen crosses the start line with her foot and ends when she touches the ground after jumping through the hoop. Each hen has a maximum of 4 minutes to complete the course. 3 points will be awarded for first place, 2 points for second and one point for third. Judges will have flexibility to determine the final placement in case a hen misses all or part of an obstacle but still finishes the course. Total entries will be limited to 12. The Agility Competition winner will get a $25 CLUCK gift certificate and a year’s supply of Nutrena feed for one chicken (3 bags).
agility course_0.JPG

The overall winner will be determined by points earned. The overall winner will receive a $25 CLUCK gift certificate and a year’s supply of Nutrena feed for four chickens (10 bags).

The racing will be held behind CLUCK the Chicken Store. You are welcome to bring your hen to CLUCK at any time before the event to practice the agility course. The day of the event there will be a covered area for all participating hens. We recommend that you bring your chicken in a poultry crate or cat carrier. Water will be available. The hen waiting area will be for participants, friends and families only.
Good luck. Have fun. Shake your tail feathers. Race on!