Housing the upscale hen

aluminum roof coop.jpg
What do you get when architects design a chicken coop? Pretty much what you would expect: a very beautiful, very expensive building with some cool, thoughtful details. Oh, and a story in The New York Times.

In case you missed it, the story, titled The Eggs Are Happy, Too: Hamptons Chickens Get a Modern Coop by ARO Architects, ran in the Home & Garden section on Feb. 4.

Stephen Cassell, a partner in Architecture Research Office (ARO), New York, and his colleagues, created an aesthetically compelling coop that includes such high-end features as radiant floor heating, an aluminum roof with folded shingle edges that create patterns of shade and discrete easy-access doors to collect the eggs and empty the manure.

We have to say it’s beautiful and even looks mostly practical. And, if you own a "farm" house in the Hamptons, the cost, as they say, is no object.