Lucky Duck!

We're still named CLUCK, not QUACK, but we're pretty excited about our new baby call duck, currently living in the brooder in the back of the store.

Stevie One-Duck

She came to us via our friends, the Tollaksons, who raise both waterfowl and chickens as show birds and breeding stock. You might remember young Jake Tollakson, who informed and entertained us last summer with a seminar on How to Bathe Chickens.

Our new baby, who's about two weeks old, was born blind, and wasn't well-suited to a life among other ducklings, all jostling for food and a place to swim. But she seems to be doing just fine at the store, although she does want lots of attention. Fortunately, she gets it here. Everyone is enchanted by a little web-footed friend whose breed is widely acknowledged as the "cutest of all ducks."

Here's what Storey’s Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds has to say about call ducks:

“With an almost stuffed-animal appearance of a kid’s toy, Calls are the cutest of all ducks. They have a tiny beak, fairly large eyes for their size and a rounded head and a stubby neck set atop a squat, rounded body…..Calls are raised primarily as show birds. They make excellent pet ducks, having an extra-friendly disposition.”

Naturally, we're totally smitten. She may be blind, but she's also charismatic and remarkably capable. And, of course, like all female call ducks, very talkative. Her name? Stevie Won-duck. We'll see if she's musical.