My chickens make me happy

medium_3 chickens.pngDuring our first week since opening CLUCK, the Chicken Store, I've learned many things, but what really stands out is that chickens make people happy. At least once every day, a chicken-keeping visitor to the store will tell me, often in a whisper, that they feel a bit weird admitting that they have a chair out near their coop, or the run where they keep their chickens.

"I just like sitting there, you know? They kind of make me feel grounded...centered. I like to listen to them, I like to look at them. When I'm near them, the world seems like a more peaceful place." That's how one customer defined it, and in one way or another it's been echoed, many times, day after day.

I felt that way myself when I came home this evening and my hens were cruising through the prairie, grabbing up grasshoppers, occasionally popping their heads up near the porch, hoping for a treat of crackers or cheese (these are Wisconsin birds, after all!). So I sat back, and relaxed, and laughed, watching them. All was good in our world.