Opening day at Cluck the chicken store

Cluck the chicken store


We're excited and kind of nervous today as we open the doors for the first time officially. We've had visitors every day over the past several weeks, but we haven't actually sold anything yet. Today we find out if people actually like Cluck the chicken store or are just curious. We admit it's an odd combination of fine art, collectables, gifts, practical books, and, of course, chicken feed, so this will be a good test.

We still don't have all the merchandise we want yet, our bar code scanner might not actually work and yesterday the air conditioner froze up, so there's plenty to be nervous about. But the best part of Cluck the chicken store is talking to all the interesting people who come through the door. Everybody has a chicken story and everybody has their own unique point of view about chickens to share. That's what makes chickens so interesting.