Pets or pests?

chicken vs earbuds.png
Chickens, like cats, have a reputation for being aloof and not attuned to their keepers. We haven’t found that to be true at all with our cats, nor with our chickens.

Sometimes when we’re sitting on the back porch munching on some nachos and enjoying a cold beer, we are quickly surrounded by pets begging for chips. It’s not surprising when the dogs beg. That’s in their nature. But often they are joined by Buffy and Zelda, our four-year-old Buff Orpingtons, who give us the old one-eyed stare until we drop a few tortilla chip crumbs for them.

So then the dogs get jealous and start to whine until they get chips as well, and back and forth it goes: dogs – chickens – dogs – chickens. Sometimes we even get to eat some ourselves. Don’t tell us chickens aren’t pets!

But when it comes to cheeky chickens, this one wins the prize. We won’t give away the punch line. Just watch the video.