Roscoe considers chickens

If you live in Roscoe, Ill., you might want to take the opportunity in the next few weeks to tell your village board why you should be allowed to have chickens.

The Beloit Daily News reports that there is no legislation, but the Zoning Board of Appeals last week held a public hearing on an ordinance that would allow up to six hens in a well-maintained cage. The board tied the vote, which means a no vote, but the residents may bring their case to the village’s Zoning Committee, said Chairman Jay Durstock of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

You can read the whole Beloit Daily News Connection story here.

Beloit allows residents to own up to four females chickens — no roosters — at a single-family residence. Residents must keep their chickens in the coop between sunrise and sunset, but may allow them to roam free during the day.

The Village of Rockton allows up to five domesticated animals per household, which could include a mixture of chickens and other pets like dogs or cats.

South Beloit does not allow chickens. The ordinance lumps them with other typical farm animals that the city deems a nuisance.