Time to talk chicken coops

topinka coop.png
It seems like nearly everyone who comes into CLUCK the Chicken Store has an idea of the perfect chicken coop. And now that spring is (almost) here, we have noticed that a lot more of our visitors want to talk about coops. We’re happy by oblige.

Talking about what we like in a coop just got easier, thanks to the coop that arrived this week from Henry Topinka, one of the craftsmen who builds the coops we sell. It looks a bit like many other coop designs you see around the area, but it also has several features that we think set it apart from the pack.

  1. The roosting house and the covered run come apart, which makes the whole unit light enough for 2 people to move around the yard using the sturdy handles affixed to both ends.
  2. It is sized to fit in the back of a full-size pickup truck – the better to get it from CLUCK to your backyard.
  3. It incorporates plastic clean-out trays in the roost house and a simple access door so you can clean the coop in about 60 seconds. No scraping hardened poop off a wooden floor!

Those are just a few of the things we like about this coop. The final thing is that Henry has put a remarkable level of craftsmanship into the construction. We think anyone would be proud to have this coop in the backyard.

If you are thinking about building or buying a coop, we invite you to visit us at CLUCK and talk about your idea of a perfect coop.