A visit from Tommy


This is Tommy. He's a bantam Cochin rooster who came to visit Saturday along with the Backyard Chickens.com meet-up group – called the Cheeseheads, of course. That's not a mirror he's looking at; it's a feed sack and Tommy apparently fell in love with the hen on the bag. He stood there for about 20 minutes just staring at her and chirping. A funny guy and a real gentleman who hung around the store for about 90 minutes, perfectly at ease with all the comings and goings.

Remarkable thing about Tommy isn’t that he’s beautiful, placid and easy-going, but that he’s a rescue who “landed on his feet” so to speak. Terri rescues all kinds of creatures. She got him from a connection in Chicago who keeps a small flock in her backyard. One morning she found Tommy strutting around with her hens. Apparently someone was determined to get rid of him and just threw him over the fence. Fortunately there are people like Terri who recognize that every animal deserves a chance. In this case, her open door and open heart paid off big-time with one of those roosters you just don’t meet every day.