Would it be Madison without chickens?

The Wisconsin State Journal doesn’t think so.
madison's 100 objects.JPG
In the August 30 edition, the newspaper honored the backyard chicken coop as one of the 100 objects that define Madison. The backyard coop was number 57 in the list that also includes Paul Soglin’s mustache and Babcock Hall ice cream. A pretty exclusive list, if you ask us.

The State Journal’s What says Madison to you? series began July 6 and focuses on one object a day. You can follow along at go.madison.com/100objects.

Why have a chicken coop in your backyard? asks the headline.

Because in Madison, you can,” is the snappy answer.

But there’s more to it than just that, says reporter Sandy Cullen (who, we happen to know, keeps chickens herself).

“For those who want to know not only where their food comes from, but from whom, the short trip to the egg box of your chicken coop brings the farm to your own backyard.”

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