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Some people love chickens. Some people hate chickens. Mostly people who hate chickens have bad memories of childhood on the farm. We get some of both in CLUCK the Chicken Store. (fortunately more lovers than haters) But everyone agrees that, love-em or hate-em, chickens are a genuine connection to the real world of life and death, dirt and beauty, joy and struggle.

Lavender Orpingtons

Who says chickens are dumb?

They may not know a sonata from a siesta, but they're really good at being chickens. Take, for example, Gracie, Lulu and Strider, the three Lavender Orpington chicks in our brooder at CLUCK the Chicken Store. They will be four weeks old this week and they know things that are important to chickens.

Jeff Jicinsky and the chicken palace

Jeff Jicinsky delivered his latest creation on Saturday. We call it the chicken palace because it has everything but a Jacuzzi and flat screen TV. The chicken palace is an integrated house and run with nest boxes on the back (not visible in this picture) and a classic barn window on the front with its own removable window box for flowers.

Gena Kittner wrote a very nice story in the Wisconsin State Journal yesterday. Lots of people came into CLUCK the Chicken Store and mentioned that they'd seen the story. And we loved Craig Schreiner's photos.

Our 3 Lavender Orpington chicks have settled into their new home.

Is there anything more thrilling and comforting than having chicks in the brooder? They came later than we expected, but we got three Lavender Orpington chicks this week. They're about 2 weeks old and had a rather hard time leaving their mother. But they seem very calm and happy now.

Chuck Ostrander and Chick Condo #1

We were closed on Labor Day, because we're closed every Monday. But we met Chuck Ostrander at the store in the morning because he was picking up his Chick Condo #1 to deliver it to a customer in Monroe. We can't believe we actually sold two of Chuck's coops this week!

medium_3 chickens.pngDuring our first week since opening CLUCK, the Chicken Store, I've learned many things, but what really stands out is that chickens make people happy.

OK, so who doesn't love beer? Buffy and Zelda are taking a break on the back porch and eyeing this six-pack of New Glarus beer. It is made of grain, after all.

Cluck the chicken store


The Coop Garden at CLUCK

Three beautiful new chicken coops arrived Saturday so now our little coop garden has four examples of the local coop-builder's art from Jeff Jicinsky and Chuck Ostrander. We let Buffy and Zelda run around the yard and can report that they were mighty taken with the housing options.


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